Important Update for Investors on January 18, 2022

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Which Freecategory Marketplace Could We Provide for You?

This marketplace will revolutionize consumer online markets when B2C changes to C2B.

Compare prices and similar marketplaces have Sub Online Shops.

These have chosen some of their products and have given them prices.

Consumers can compare prices but can´t affect them.

We offer unique competition system to consumers.

Now, consumers can compete companies for the new products and services by making bid quotes.

Businesses have to react to consumer`s bid quotes in order to be included in the competition.

Logistics service providers will see bid quotes that need transportation.

Geographic Information System

The system displays all sales and purchase announcements, sellers, buyers and logistics companies on the map. The geographic search criteria are continent, country, province or city.

Time Manager

Time Manager is a unique tool for consumers´ time management to control man´s everyday life and leisure activities. If you are moving, you can do the whole process beforehand with Time Manager.

The green light tells you that you have time to perform the task, the yellow light warns the coming deadline and the red light that you are already late.

How to get Started?

You need to first register to get started. After this you have full access to Marketplaces. You can for example:

You can use the service freely, you only pay commissions of completed transactions!

Please, check the Terms & Conditions for more information.